Bhavi Beauty

Bhavi Beauty

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Dolphin Centre, Poole, BH15 1SR
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Welcome to Bhavi Beauty, we are chain of contemporary, relaxing and advanced beauty salon across England. We are proud ourselves in gaining our goal, which is providing quality and imperative beauty treatments, including Indian arts of threading, relaxing massages and facials. We offer a wide range of ways to relax with world class beauty product ESPA, Dermalogica, CND Shellac, OPI, Gelish, HD Brows, Marvelash Lashes. Our unique and highly qualified trained beauty therapists venture to analyse all the new technology and beauty trends delivered to our guests, only the admirable in the beauty industry. We always welcome our guest with a service that outpaces confidence in a relaxing and loving climate in our salon. General Customer? No! At Bhavi Beauty we want you to be our valued guest at one of the our prestigious salons, whether you are walking for a contemporary beauty treatment, taking a short break out of your busy day or full pampering session we will make sure your visit to us dreamy and advantageous every time.

01202 680008

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