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Volcano win the Big Clean Window Competition!


The Volcano team enjoying the amazing Pizza at The Stable!

Congratulations to Volcano Jewellery (113 High Street) who won the competition of the ‘Best Dressed Window’ during the Poole BID Big Spring Clean! The Spring Clean, held back in May, encouraged all businesses to clean up their frontage and dress up their windows in time for the International Maritime Festival that was held in the town.


Volcano, the lucky winners, won restaurant vouchers and chose to go to The Stable (2 High Street) on Thursday night with the team! Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who got involved in this years ‘Big Spring Clean!’

Volcano Jewellery is an independent jewellery shop in Poole High Street, specialising in silver and costume jewellery. They were established in 1989 and have won awards for their displays and customer service. They are open 7 days a week and are well worth a visit and a browse!


spring clean

BID Directors and friends during this years Big Spring Clean

Poole BID Welcomes New Director for Area 6

Poole Business Improvement District (BID) is delighted to announce the appointment of a New Director. Joanne Bateman Owner of Quayside Emporium on Poole Quay was voted onto the board at January’s board meeting.

Joanne is excited about joining the Board of the Poole Business Improvement District saying “This is an exciting time and being part of this new BID is a challenge I welcome being part of and I am hoping that I can enhance the opportunities for all the businesses within the area.”

Jo went on to say “I will be able to present an alternative voice to the improvement of an area I grew up in. I have raised my family here and it has been my home all my life. I worked as a supermarket manager for twenty years close to the area previously, plus working in social services. Now I am even more passionate about Poole, having owned my own business here for the last 18 months. My business, Quayside Emporium, is a family run business, which welcomes people from the whole community, also allowing dogs and having great disabled access. We have up to 100 traders from the local community, all trading under one roof. This allows me to speak with many people from the area, giving me a good idea of what the community wants and the changes needed.”

Joanne Bateman from Quayside Emporium appointed Area 6 representative

Joanne Bateman from Quayside Emporium appointed Area 6 representative

BID Chair Jonathan Sibbett commented “We are so pleased to welcome another strong voice to the Board and look forward to working with Jo on this a great time to be part of the future of Poole. The BID is a fantastic opportunity to improve Poole and for businesses to work together. I think it is vital that we remember how lucky we are to be in Poole, we have many assets such as the beautiful Poole Harbour, fantastic tourism group and a great community. Working as a collective will bring the vibrancy back to Poole.”

The BID has already started on some major projects from their ambitious business plan and BID Manager Carlie Palmer commented “Jo is a great addition to the BID board. We are already working on Christmas 2017 and major projects such as BID area WIFI and Cost savings for our levy payers. Watch this space as we have loads of projects we are soon to launch.”

Poole BID Directors update and vacancies

The Poole BID Directors have been meeting regularly for a couple of months now and below you will find an updated list of who they are and who they represent.

There are also a couple of vacancies on the Board that need filling, if you are interested in becoming a Director and shaping the future of Poole Town Centre then please email or call 01202 649433. Alternatively all of our Directors are more than happy to pop in and see you at any time if you contact them

Jonathan Sibbett, Jenny Wilde, Cllr Mohan Iyengar, Michelle Woodrough, Gabi Naish, David Segelman, Andrew Goss - Directors of Poole BID

Jonathan Sibbett, Jenny Wilde, Cllr Mohan Iyengar, Michelle Woodrough, Gabi Naish, David Segelman, Andrew Goss – Directors of Poole BID

The Board currently meet every 2 weeks on Monday’s and the minutes are posted on the website and can be found by clicking here. It is a big commitment that they all volunteer for but it is also imperative for the Board to meet regularly at this stage while the BID gets up and running, once a BID manager is in post it is envisaged that meetings will be less frequent although still regular.


As a reminder, the Board is to be made up of a maximum 16 Directors from within BID levy paying businesses. Each geographical area can have one representative and each sector can have 2 representatives. These sectors being multiple retail, independent retail, hospitality (one licensed, one non licensed), professional services and the Borough of Poole. In order to ensure a fair and even spread of representation there can be no more than 3 Directors from any geographical area.

Peter Wilson, Lighthouse, Representing Area 1
Andrew Goss, Bruce, Lance & Co Solicitors, Representing Area 2
Jonathan Sibbett, Sibbett Gregory, Representing Area 3
Michelle Woodrough, Cashino, Representing Area 4
Helen Challis, Quay Holidays / Quay Living, Representing Area 5
Gabrielle Naish, The Project Climbing Centre, Representing Non Licensed
Philip Barnes, Purbeck Pottery, Representing Independent Retail
Jonathan Maidment, Mortons Jewellers, Representing Independent Retail
Alison Smyth, Poole Pottery, Representing Multiple Retail
Jenny Wilde, Jenny Wilde Associates, Representing Professional Services
John Grinnell, Dolphin Shopping Centre, Representing Professional Services
Cllr Mohan Iyengar, Borough of Poole, Council representative
Cllr Andy Garner-Watts, Borough of Poole, Council representative


Area 6 Representative
Licensed Representative
Multiple Retail Representative
Co-opted members (non-voting members)

Rosemarie Robinson, McDonalds
David Segelman
Adam Keen, More Bus
Victoria Jesson, Marks and Spencer
Nicola Aveyard, Boots

Poole BID hold first open evening!

Levy payers from the BID area were invited to join the Directors to discuss their hopes and ideas for the coming years at the first opening evening held at the Quayside Emporium on 11th August 2016.

Gabi Naish, a Director and representative from the Project Climbing Centre said “It was extremely encouraging to have so many people actively engaging in the discussion about how to improve our town and the best way to tackle many of the underlying problems.”


The Directors were present and met retailers and business owners who work so hard in the town and were able to hold lively discussions about the future of the town and where the BID fits in. Ideas put forward included a dedicated website forum for BID members to network and keep up to date on what’s happening with the projects. Other ideas were Christmas events, ways to brighten and smarten up the town using flowers and street cleaning and public art spaces to create interest the length of the Town Centre. All of which the BID Directors took on board and will be exploring further. The Lord Wimborne supported the event by supplying refreshments and staff.img_9603

The board meet fortnightly to get the work underway and have made excellent progress with the recruitment of a BID manager through an employment agency from within the BID area. The first items in the business plan are already in hand and it is hoped to have further occasions when the levy payers can get together with the board to see the progress being made.

In the meantime, all of the zones have representatives on the board who would be delighted to talk to any individual with ideas to bring forward. Contact can be made by emailing or popping into the premises listed below:

Peter Wilson, Lighthouse, Representing Area 1
Andrew Goss, Bruce, Lance & Co Solicitors, Representing Area 2
Jonathan Sibbett, Sibbett Gregory, Representing Area 3
Michelle Woodrough, Cashino, Representing Area 4
Helen Challis, Quay Holidays / Quay Living, Representing Area 5
David Segelman, Lush, Representing Area 6
Vacant position – Licensed representative
Gabi Naish, The Project Climbing Centre, Representing Non Licensed
Philip Barnes, Purbeck Pottery, Representing Independent Retail
Jonathan Maidment, Mortons Jewellers, Representing Independent Retail
Jenny Wilde, Jenny Wilde Associates, Representing Professional Services
John Grinnell, Dolphin Shopping Centre, Representing Professional Services
Alyson Smyth, Poole Pottery, Representing Multiple Retail
Vacant position – Multiple Retail representative
Cllr Mohan Iyengar, Borough of Poole, Council representative
Cllr Andy Garner-Watts, Borough of Poole, Council representative

Some of the Directors at the event

Some of the Directors at the event

To find out about becoming a part of the BID Company please call: 01202 649433 or visit:
To keep up-to-date with the latest Poole BID news visit:
or Facebook:

Help Poole’s BID get down to business!


Help Poole’s BID get down to business – traders and residents invited to have their say at open evening

Thursday 11th August 2016 at the Quayside Emporium on Poole Quay from 6pm – 8pm

Poole is celebrating after joining the thriving towns in the country which have embraced the opportunity to become a Business Improvement District, better known as a BID.
Companies in Poole have committed to promote the town centre and the quay to make it more attractive to shoppers and visitors and are hoping to see the same type of footfall which has helped business thrive in Wimborne and Dorchester, both BID towns already.
Now the Directors of Poole BID are asking local people for ideas on how to improve vitality and vibrancy during the five year plan.
The BID has been backed by traders all keen to boost the town centre and quay as a destination for everyone. The Directors of the BID – volunteers committed to enhancing the area – are inviting businesses and residents to meet them to find out about the exciting opportunities and plans for improvement.
A ‘Time for Change’ open evening is being held on Thursday 11th August at The Quayside Emporium on Poole Quay. This informal get together will enable businesses, which will be paying an annual levy to fund projects, to discover more about and influence what their money could be spent on.
Local residents are also welcome to the event from 6pm-8pm so they can give their views on what needs to be done to make Poole a place to be proud of. The BID will fund projects not covered by the Borough of Poole with the aim of boosting the town centre and quay’s prosperity. The problem of litter will be one of the first issues to be tackled and a new Christmas celebration is on the cards as part of a calendar of special events.
Director Jenny Wilde said: “The Business Improvement District means a new sense of community can be created with traders and residents working together to make the area more attractive and welcoming. There is so much to offer in the centre and along Poole Quay and this is the opportunity to improve the facilities for everyone.”
“It’s important that we know what people want to achieve and this evening is a chance for everyone to contribute their ideas. Everyone is excited about the future of Poole and all that can be achieved.”
As the meeting finishes at 8pm, there will be chance for everyone attending to enjoy the entertainment on the quay and the firework display which follows at 10pm.
We very much look forward to meeting you.

An Apology re Invoice payment date error

I am writing further to the recent invoice you will have received regarding the Business Improvement District Levy and would like to apologise over the confusion with the payment date.

The date that all invoices were raised was the 18th July and the payment date should have been 28 days later on the 15th August, but unfortunately a ‘payment due’ date of 21st July was mistakenly printed on the invoice. I would like to reassure you that the normal 28 days for payment does apply on this invoice (and also on all future invoices as well) and that no recovery action would be taken until after the 15th August.

I would also like to inform you that the BID Board is now working hard on recruiting a BID manager, securing office accommodation and the planning and development of various action plans to deliver the objectives agreed in the business plan.

Yours faithfully

Jonathan Sibbett signature

Chair, Poole BID Ltd

Poole BID Directors appointed

The inaugural meeting of the Poole BID Board of Directors took place on Monday 11th July 2016 and the Board of Directors chose their chairman for the next 2 years. Below is a full list of the Directors and the areas and sectors they represent.

Peter Wilson                      The Lighthouse Arts Centre                                Area 1
Andrew Goss                     Bruce Lance & Co Solicitors                                Area 2
Jonathan Sibbett               Sibbett Gregory                                                     Area 3
Michelle Woodrough        Cashino                                                                  Area 4
Helen Challis                      Quay Holidays/Quay Living                                Area 5
David Segleman                 Lush Ltd                                                                Area 6

Natasha Jervis                    Wetherspoon Ltd. Lord Wimborne                   Licensed hospitality
Gabrielle Naish                  The Project Climbing Centre                              Unlicensed hospitality
Philip Barnes                      Purbeck Pottery                                                   Independent retail
Jenny Wilde                         Jenny Wilde Associates                                       Professional Services
John Grinnell                      Dolphin Shopping Centre                                   Professional Services

Cllr Mohan Iyengar           Borough of Poole                                                 Borough of Poole
TBC                                      Borough of Poole                                                 Borough of Poole

Vacant                                                       Multiple retail
Vacant                                                       Independent retail
Vacant                                                       Multiple retailer

Jonathan Sibbett was unanimously voted in as Chairman.

All Directors want to make it clear that they are available for anyone to go and talk to about the BID, their ideas, aspirations and concerns. Please do pop in and see them or contact and one of them will respond to you.

Area 1 Director nominations

Ballot Arrangements for Directors of Poole BID Company Ltd.

You may recall that earlier this month we invited nominations from BID voters who are prepared to stand as Directors of the new Poole BID Company Ltd. There are 14 seats for BID voters on the board representing both geographic areas of the BID and business sectors. We have received nominations from 15 excellent candidates. However the BID Business Plan clearly states in the section addressing the management arrangements of the Company, that there shall be no more than 3 Directors representing a BID Geographical Area. We have received 7 nominations from Area 1; we therefore need to hold a ballot for 3 Directors from Area 1.

A ballot paper has been sent to all levy payers and we are inviting a vote for a maximum of 3 people from the list (details below), by placing an X in the box next to your chosen candidates. The 3 candidates with highest scores will be registered Directors with full voting rights and responsibilities for Poole BID Company Ltd. The other 4 candidates will be invited to be non-voting, co-opted Members of Poole BID Company Ltd.

As there will be effectively 3 Director vacancies, we will be inviting nominations from BID voters from Areas 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 to take these seats, by applying to the Board in due course.

The closing date for the postal Ballot is Thursday 23rd June (EU referendum day!) the count will be overseen and verified by Francis Clark / Princecroft Willis and the results will be announced soon after.


Candidate profiles

(In alphabetical order)


Nicola Aveyard – Boots (190-196 High Street)

An experienced Manager with over 25 years of leading retail and healthcare businesses.

Most recently, I have been Store Manager at Boots in the Dolphin Centre for the last six years and I am passionate about it’s future as a dynamic and compelling place to work, to shop and to live.
I have built my local knowledge by participating in business meetings and through my association with the Dolphin Centre traders.

During my time in my store, I have been able to identify the needs of local customer and health groups and have influenced our organisation to provide a unique healthcare proposition for our patients.
It is really important to me that my business fully participates in the local community and we have been very active in supporting local charities, events, student evenings etc.

Over the years Boots has built a reputation for it’s support of local town centre and community groups and provides me with excellent access to a dedicated team to support initiates such as local BIDs and general town centre management.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Poole and I am excited about the role that I can play in the next phase of it’s growth and development.

Tim Bennett – Specsavers (32-34 Kingland Crescent)

I would like to apply for one of the Director positions within Poole BID Ltd and I am currently one of the owners of the Specsavers store in the town centre. This particular branch has been in the town centre for over 30 years now and I have been working in the store for 5 years, moving my family to the area 3 years ago.

Whilst my working background is not specifically optics, I have worked in the retail sector for over 40 years, both nationally and internationally. I have also worked in other sections of the service industry, hospitality and catering.

My role before joining Specsavers was as Operations Director and MD with a privately owned, very successful, restaurant group based in London, with turnover of circa £5m and 150 employees over 5 sites. It was while in that role I had my first experience with a BID, “from Circus to Square” was the strap line for the very successful, Piccadilly Circus to Leicester Square business improvement district. Having operated in very successful destination shopping centres, Bluewater, Lakeside and Brent Cross and central London, I do fully understand the requirement for a mix of retail and leisure offers to attract and keep customers. I do believe this is an area Poole town centre needs to consider if the BID is to be successful.

Having travelled extensively and worked internationally, I do fully understand the need for diversity and recognising differing cultures, again, something the Poole BID Ltd need to embrace to be successful. I genuinely believe Town Centres that innovate and create the right environment, with the right mix of offers, can compete in today’s changing world.

Until recently I held the voluntary position of Regional Chairman for the 50 Specsavers Stores within our region. I held this role for 3 years ensuring that all their voices/concerns/issues/suggestions were heard and relayed to Specsavers Group Operating Board at quarterly meetings. At these meetings we were expected to comment on strategic business initiatives originating from the Board and I feel that the skills of influencing and persuading that I demonstrated in this role would be beneficial, if successful with this application, to be a BID Director.

I genuinely believe that BID is right for Poole Town Centre.

John Grinnell – Dolphin Shopping Centre (110 Dolphin Centre)

I have worked at the Dolphin Shopping Centre as Centre Manager since November 2011, raising awareness of the Centre, both for the retailers within and for the customers that visit. Ensuring that a comfortable atmosphere with high customer service levels promote a welcoming shopping experience, as well as promoting Poole as a destination to visit.

With the help of my marketing team from JLL, the Managing Agent for Legal & General, along with Liz Lean PR our local PR agency, we have assisted in raising the profile of the Centre as well as the local area.

I have worked alongside Poole Town Centre Management and Poole Tourism during this time, in a bid to bring the town together as one, working on different events to bring us together, creating a community feel in the town centre. From Christmas Events to a cinema in Falkland Square, I feel that we have worked together well in promoting Poole as a feel good place to visit.

The Dolphin Centre is also a partner of Dorset Chamber of Commerce, in which I get involved in meetings and networking events to keep up to date with all that is going on in the local area. We are also a sponsor of the Dorset Business Awards, encouraging local businesses to enter our Retail Experience Award, to gain experience and learn how to best run their business to ensure they continue to thrive and grow going forward.

Over the past three years I have been involved with Bournemouth University, as a mentor for students undertaking the retail courses.

I set them an assignment where they have to research and produce a presentation, which is the final part of their coursework. This has developed over the years and is now very successful. The last assignment undertaken by the students earlier this year, was with regard to the BID and the research they undertook was very eye opening and interesting. They put forward many ideas which has been discussed during the meetings prior to the BID being voted in.

After being part of the BIDS steering group since the BIDS process started, I would like to continue working with the BID by joining the board.

The Dolphin Shopping Centre has over 100 businesses which I can represent by forwarding any valid input to the BIDS. I also represent L&G, the owners of the shopping centre who are also supporting the BIDS and voted yes with the units under their ownership.

I hope to bring creative ideas and maximise the effectiveness of the business plan.

Victoria Jesson – Marks and Spencer (45 Dolphin Centre)

Profile coming soon…

Adam Keen – More Bus (Bus Station)

I have worked in Poole for four years as Area Manager for Go South Coast who operate buses under the ‘morebus’ and ‘Damory’ brands.

During that period of time, I have come to understand what makes Poole tick, but more importantly what frustrates, motivates, saddens and delights the people who live and work here. Having been involved with other BID’s in other regions, I know what a positive change they can deliver when done properly and I very much look forward to seeing the Poole BID inspire real change for Poole – change which is well overdue and much welcomed.

The BID needs directors who are passionate about where they live and / or work but it also needs people who have a good understanding of the local economy combined with empathy and education for those who aren’t yet sure whether the BID is a positive move.

I would be delighted to be able to form part of a team of positive, enthusiastic people who are prepared to commit to making Poole somewhere that people want to visit. In my role, I listen to our staff and our passengers provide feedback on why they like or dislike Poole and I am more than ready to use that feedback to shape Poole’s future.

I understand the needs of local businesses and I also empathise with the youngsters who need something to do and somewhere to go. Having worked in West Sussex, Gloucestershire and London, I have been fortunate enough to be able to see what works, what doesn’t and what can be achieved with the right focus.

Poole deserves a team of committed, diplomatic people whoa re willing to do what’s right for the town and its future.

As such I hereby submit my entry for Directorship in the Poole Business Improvement District.

Gabrielle Naish – The Project Climbing Centre (Dolphin Centre) 

I think it is important that the views of the independent contributors are heard clearly by the Board and if elected would ensure that I communicated with those independents to bring their concerns forward. The low turnout in the vote makes it even more important that those people who did not understand how this BID will affect them are included and have the aims clearly explained to them. Having spoken to many other independent retailers I know I am not alone in having worries about the cost and value of the BID process and am concerned that whatever is done achieves the objectives as set out in the meetings and that the business plan brings actual tangible benefit to the town. The BID is expensive and we all work very hard for every penny and it is therefore important to scrutinise the process to make sure they we get the best outcome that we can.

I have a great deal of relevant experience in business. I spent ten years working as an auditor for the Office for National Statistics, specifically working on the Retail and Consumer Prices Index, before moving to Poole in 2014 and setting up my current business. Before that I worked in property restoration and in managerial roles for several Building Societies.

If elected to the Board I would do my best to make the BID work for the retailers, traders, residents and visitors to Poole.

Peter Wilson – Lighthouse (21 Kingland Road)

The Poole BID is a vital opportunity for change and growth in Poole. As Poole’s Centre for the Arts and the largest regional Arts Centre outside London, Lighthouse is keen to play an active role in this essential work.

I am a Chartered Accountant and as Head of Finance for the organisation I am responsible for finance and governance within the Senior Management Team. I believe that the strategic role that I undertake at Lighthouse is consistent with the duties and responsibilities required of BID directors, and it is a challenge I would be keen to undertake.

Lighthouse is supported by both the Borough of Poole and Arts Council England, and has a great deal of experience of working with external stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial aims. The current capital refurbishment programme is a typical example where investment is made with a clear, non-speculative, business case but with the creative approach that befits a leading arts organisation. It is hoped that the organisation’s experience can be brought to bear with Poole BID by way of a representative member on the board and that both Lighthouse and, importantly, Poole as a whole will benefit accordingly.