An Apology re Invoice payment date error

I am writing further to the recent invoice you will have received regarding the Business Improvement District Levy and would like to apologise over the confusion with the payment date.

The date that all invoices were raised was the 18th July and the payment date should have been 28 days later on the 15th August, but unfortunately a ‘payment due’ date of 21st July was mistakenly printed on the invoice. I would like to reassure you that the normal 28 days for payment does apply on this invoice (and also on all future invoices as well) and that no recovery action would be taken until after the 15th August.

I would also like to inform you that the BID Board is now working hard on recruiting a BID manager, securing office accommodation and the planning and development of various action plans to deliver the objectives agreed in the business plan.

Yours faithfully

Jonathan Sibbett signature

Chair, Poole BID Ltd

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