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Poole BID is an independent, business-led, not-for-profit initiative voted for by the businesses of Poole in 2016 and again in 2021 for another five-year term. The BID is managed by two paid staff members and led by a voluntary Board of Directors, representing the businesses who operate in the town, and including designated representatives from our local authority.

The Poole BID Board may be composed of up to 14 Directors and will be accountable for, but not limited to:

  • Delivering the priorities of the BID Business Plan efficiently and effectively
  • To ensure the BID meets all its financial, legal and employment responsibilities
  • Promoting the mutual and active support of businesses
  • Working in conjunction with the BID Management Team

This is a voluntary role, as none of the Directors will receive any remuneration. The Board is committed to meeting bi-monthly, with meetings anticipated to take place on the same business day at a fixed time (currently 4:30pm – 6:30pm), to maximise attendance and minimise any inconvenience. 

Composition of the Board

The Poole BID Board is composed of a broad cross-section of BID levy-paying businesses, organisations, and individuals. Ideally the elected Directors of the Board should represent all the businesses within the town and be made up of large retailers, small retailers, professional & financial services, hospitality, food & drink, health & personal care, charitable, other sectors, local authority, and optional co-opted members.

The rules governing the conduct of BID Company Directors have been set out in the BID Company Articles of Association.

The completion and submission of the Nomination Form cannot guarantee a seat on the Board of Directors. To ensure that a range of relevant sectors & skills are represented on the Board, candidates will need to set out their experience and commitment to ensuring the success of Poole BID, at which point you may be invited for a further discussion.

A BID Director will be a positive influence at Board meetings, communicating well with fellow Directors and acting as an ambassador for the company and the BID area when any such opportunities arise.

Directors will need to make decisions based on the evidence presented to them to benefit all the levy payers and be prepared and able to defend their actions if challenged by BID levy paying businesses, the public or the media.

Experience of working in partnership is desirable but not essential as is a knowledge of the Poole BID area and the businesses and issues within it

An ability to listen to opposing views of fellow Directors, BID levy payers and the public, to discuss matters and make decisions having considered all of the evidence presented to them is encouraged.

Directors need to be contactable and, in a position, to make decisions outside meetings as required from time to time and have the ability to read and understand sometimes complex subject matter, make deductions and comment appropriately.

Whilst most meetings will be held during the business day, Directors should ideally be able to attend some evening meetings if required.


To apply to become a BID Director your company must be:

  • a Poole BID member
  • a business within the Poole BID district
  • a fully paid-up member, where applicable
  • represented only once on the Board

Once you are satisfied that your company qualifies, complete and return the Board of Directors Nomination Form and Application for Poole BID Company Membership Form to by 23rd January 2023

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