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MacDonald’s supports Poole BID

MacDonald’s supports Poole BID

Rosemarie Robinson, manager of McDonalds

Rosemarie Robinson

“McDonalds supports the Poole BID! A better connected, organised and marketed town will clearly boost business and benefit everyone. As a hospitality business we can see how it would benefit our customers, for instance through greater investment into the look of the High Street. In the current climate it is critical for local businesses to pull together to promote and enhance Poole, it is unfair to expect the Council to do it for us and the BID will give us, the businesses, a coherent voice and influence as the funds raised would support the services we provide. Together we can make a real difference.”

MacDonald’s is based at 118 High Street and is open from 6am – 10pm daily and offer free WiFi. The restaurant can be reached on 01202 670601.

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