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Poole BID Directors appointed

Poole BID Directors appointed

The inaugural meeting of the Poole BID Board of Directors took place on Monday 11th July 2016 and the Board of Directors chose their chairman for the next 2 years. Below is a full list of the Directors and the areas and sectors they represent.

Peter Wilson                      The Lighthouse Arts Centre                                Area 1
Andrew Goss                     Bruce Lance & Co Solicitors                                Area 2
Jonathan Sibbett               Sibbett Gregory                                                     Area 3
Michelle Woodrough        Cashino                                                                  Area 4
Helen Challis                      Quay Holidays/Quay Living                                Area 5
David Segleman                 Lush Ltd                                                                Area 6

Natasha Jervis                    Wetherspoon Ltd. Lord Wimborne                   Licensed hospitality
Gabrielle Naish                  The Project Climbing Centre                              Unlicensed hospitality
Philip Barnes                      Purbeck Pottery                                                   Independent retail
Jenny Wilde                         Jenny Wilde Associates                                       Professional Services
John Grinnell                      Dolphin Shopping Centre                                   Professional Services

Cllr Mohan Iyengar           Borough of Poole                                                 Borough of Poole
TBC                                      Borough of Poole                                                 Borough of Poole

Vacant                                                       Multiple retail
Vacant                                                       Independent retail
Vacant                                                       Multiple retailer

Jonathan Sibbett was unanimously voted in as Chairman.

All Directors want to make it clear that they are available for anyone to go and talk to about the BID, their ideas, aspirations and concerns. Please do pop in and see them or contact and one of them will respond to you.

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