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Poole BID Directors update and vacancies

Poole BID Directors update and vacancies

The Poole BID Directors have been meeting regularly for a couple of months now and below you will find an updated list of who they are and who they represent.

There are also a couple of vacancies on the Board that need filling, if you are interested in becoming a Director and shaping the future of Poole Town Centre then please email or call 01202 649433. Alternatively all of our Directors are more than happy to pop in and see you at any time if you contact them

Jonathan Sibbett, Jenny Wilde, Cllr Mohan Iyengar, Michelle Woodrough, Gabi Naish, David Segelman, Andrew Goss - Directors of Poole BID

Jonathan Sibbett, Jenny Wilde, Cllr Mohan Iyengar, Michelle Woodrough, Gabi Naish, David Segelman, Andrew Goss – Directors of Poole BID

The Board currently meet every 2 weeks on Monday’s and the minutes are posted on the website and can be found by clicking here. It is a big commitment that they all volunteer for but it is also imperative for the Board to meet regularly at this stage while the BID gets up and running, once a BID manager is in post it is envisaged that meetings will be less frequent although still regular.


As a reminder, the Board is to be made up of a maximum 16 Directors from within BID levy paying businesses. Each geographical area can have one representative and each sector can have 2 representatives. These sectors being multiple retail, independent retail, hospitality (one licensed, one non licensed), professional services and the Borough of Poole. In order to ensure a fair and even spread of representation there can be no more than 3 Directors from any geographical area.

Peter Wilson, Lighthouse, Representing Area 1
Andrew Goss, Bruce, Lance & Co Solicitors, Representing Area 2
Jonathan Sibbett, Sibbett Gregory, Representing Area 3
Michelle Woodrough, Cashino, Representing Area 4
Helen Challis, Quay Holidays / Quay Living, Representing Area 5
Gabrielle Naish, The Project Climbing Centre, Representing Non Licensed
Philip Barnes, Purbeck Pottery, Representing Independent Retail
Jonathan Maidment, Mortons Jewellers, Representing Independent Retail
Alison Smyth, Poole Pottery, Representing Multiple Retail
Jenny Wilde, Jenny Wilde Associates, Representing Professional Services
John Grinnell, Dolphin Shopping Centre, Representing Professional Services
Cllr Mohan Iyengar, Borough of Poole, Council representative
Cllr Andy Garner-Watts, Borough of Poole, Council representative


Area 6 Representative
Licensed Representative
Multiple Retail Representative
Co-opted members (non-voting members)

Rosemarie Robinson, McDonalds
David Segelman
Adam Keen, More Bus
Victoria Jesson, Marks and Spencer
Nicola Aveyard, Boots

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