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Poole BID working with students on Town Centre Project

Poole BID working with students on Town Centre Project


Poole Business Improvement District (BID) is delighted to announce the launch of their collaborative project with the Arts University Bournemouth. From an initial meeting in August 2016 with AUB Architecture, Councillor Mohan Iyengar and Architect David Segelman working as part of the Poole BID team.

As a starting point AUB Architecture have designed and made a 1:200 scale model of the entire BID area including Poole High Street, the Old Town and Poole Quay.

This has been collated together with detailed technical drawing surveys, future visions for Poole, photographs of the existing conditions in Poole and precedent studies of excellent examples of urban regeneration that AUB Architecture have visited.

BID director Gaby Naish said: “Poole has declined both as a retail and visitor destination over the last 20 years and major intervention is needed to reverse this. The BID aims to bring back the traditional life and vitality of the High Street which will attract crowds as in the past. It is exciting to have this opportunity to work with such talented students.”

This work is part of Music Architecture Poole [MAP 2016] which exhibited at the Gallery in Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts until 11th February, 2017.

The five students who curated the MAP 2016 and led the AUB collaboration with Poole BID and coordinated work from second and third year students since the summer of 2016 are;

Anete Egle, Oddur Gunnarsson Bauer, Jacob Palmer, Adam Radwanski and Elizabeth Winchester.

There was also further student assistance from: Samuel Reece, Robert Pratt and Mensun Yellowlees Bound.

The students were excited to be involved and added their thoughts regarding the project.

Adam Radwanski:

“The overall element of exhibition has driven the projects included within to meet a certain standard, such that the public become interested in the works displayed as well as inviting them to interact directly. This is significantly apparent with the 1:200 model of Poole for BID, the model has allowed people to view and understand the whole town from a completely unique perspective, like never. It already appears apparent how well this model achieves its’ goal of starting conversation and debate concerning the improvement of Poole. Therefore, this piece can easily be considered as a tool to show weaknesses in the town as well as being able to be adjusted to show potential improvement strategies.”

Elizabeth Winchester:

“The collaboration between the Arts University Bournemouth and Poole BID has enhanced the Music Architecture Poole (MAP) exhibition, which displays second year work from the BA (Hons) Architecture course. Several new opportunities have become available to the MAP team, including new skills and the development of our Curatorship. It has been an inspiring experience to date, which will be continued in the work with Poole BID to provide a new perspective over Poole. This can be seen in the work displayed at the exhibition in The Lighthouse, that invites everyone to have an opinion on the future developments of the area they live and work in.”

Oddur Gunnarsson Bauer:

“Having the opportunity to work with Poole BID has given us as degree students the opportunity to work on something tangible, something that will have an impact in the real world and that on its own is a very valuable experience to take with us into the working environment once we graduate. Task such as the completion of a 1:200 model of the BID area has also given us a level of understanding of the area which was previously unattained and the model can be used as a tool to gain a deeper understanding of the area, not just for us as students of Architecture, but also the people living in Poole.”

Anete Egle:

“The MAP exhibition offers a unique perspective on Poole’s built environment both in terms of what is currently existing and what it could potentially offer. A series of 1:50 technical drawings document in detail the ground conditions while a substantial 1:200 plywood model highlights Poole’s pros and cons and can be used as a tool for change. Overall, co-curating the exhibition alongside helping Poole BID has been an invaluable experience in understanding Poole’s architecture and future urban strategies. “

Jacob Palmer:

“I think the success of the model lies within the sheer size of it. In the sense that someone can view Poole in a way they have never done before. It puts the good and the bad elements of Poole into perspective causing constructive conversations between those who view it.”

AUB Architecture are looking forward to continuing their collaboration with Poole BID in the upcoming next phases of its plans and strategies.

David Segelman, Director of Red Chilli Architects and from Poole Bid commented “it was clear that the Town Centre was facing increasing competition from neighbouring towns and cities and that the economic, leisure and cultural heart of the Borough needed to be reinvigorated and make long term plans for rejuvenation. Through this partnership with the AUB, Poole BID is actively looking at enabling change, and improving the offering of Poole Town Centre.”

The BID has already started on some major projects from their ambitious business plan and BID Manager Carlie Palmer commented “This is a major look at the BID area and how we can monitor progress. The students have been amazing to work with and have also provided a detailed survey of the full BID area showing current condition.

Channa Vithana AUB & Poole BID discussion at Lighthouse Gallery 26 January 2017

We are also working on Christmas 2017 and major projects such as BID area WIFI and Cost savings for our levy payers. Watch this space as we have loads of projects we are soon to launch.”

Press Contact Carlie Palmer 07525 752471

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