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Poole businesses have their say!

Poole businesses have their say!

Front coverPoole businesses have their say!

All Poole businesses in the BID area were invited to attend a series of meetings over two days in September, to have their say on what they want to see from the proposed BID Business Plan.

They were organised by Poole Town Centre Partnership to provide local businesses with an opportunity to meet their neighbours and their area representative, share ideas and, giving them the chance to share their opinions on what they would like to see in the BID business plan that will help the town to prosper over the next five years.

Retailers and business owners came to the meetings from across the BID area, which includes the Quay, High Street, Dolphin Shopping Centre and all streets between. A host of ideas were discussed for the business plan including:

– Looking at real ways to improve the way the town centre looks, including keeping the streets cleaner, improving the frontages of empty shops to encourage investment, and rationalising some of the street furniture

– Enforcing regulations to improve security in certain areas of the town

– Offering an incentive scheme to customers and employees in Poole to encourage them to shop more in the town

– Improving signage to encourage customers to use the whole town

– Organising a variety of good quality events across the whole town, and increasing publicity to put Poole on the map as a place to visit

– Creating identities for the different BID areas, and ways to link them together to present a united approach for the town

Jonathan Sibbett, Chairman of Poole Town Centre Partnership Board, said: “These meetings provided us with a great opportunity to hear what the business community of Poole want to see from their BID. It was great to see people come forward from each of the BID areas. So many ideas were discussed and now we will take a look at all of these and identify the key priorities for each area to create the BID plan. A BID scheme for Poole could generate £1.6milion over five years, with potential to double that through match funding – this could help us achieve so much over five years to bring new benefits and prosperity to our town.”

The BID Steering Group is now preparing a draft five year business plan which will be presented at the Dolphin Shopping Centre at 6pm on Thursday 12th November. All businesses in the BID area are invited to come to this meeting and contribute to the plan.

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