Poole BID Launch Two-Way Radios Across Their District

Poole BID Launch Two-Way Radios Across Their District

Crime against a business can take many forms: from shoplifting or non-paying diners to staff theft and burglary from premises.

Poole Business Improvement District (BID) are collaborating closely with local supplier JPS Communications, to make their district safer with the implementation of two-way android radios as part of their business crime prevention initiative.

The new radios are android based, which means that they combine advanced smartphone technology with many two-way radio features and operate on a private network with security features such as encryption to help prevent eavesdropping. This enables the creation of a cost-effective communication network that combines the functionality of two-way radios and smartphone technology in one device.

The infrastructure requires no Ofcom licence, no limits to an area or site, and it can be used wherever there is 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G or Wi-Fi coverage, with users benefitting from one-to-one or one-to-many calls or instant messaging communication.

As from 1st June businesses across the Poole BID district received their new devices and now have direct access to BCP CCTV Hub, Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) officers, and those businesses in the Dolphin Shopping Centre (DSC) have additional access to DSC Security Control.

Along with crime, safety is of paramount concern to both the employer and employees. In an emergency, quick and efficient communication is of the highest importance, and it is vital to alert everyone as quickly as possible. As commonplace as mobile phones have become in today’s society, a two-way radio is much more efficient, allowing instant communication between people fast and effectively.

Phase two of this initiative which is due to be implemented shortly, is a reporting tool and will enable an online information-sharing system to be introduced to reduce low-level crime and anti-social behaviour. This system is application based making the two-way radio the perfect device for accommodating this modern technology and is phased to ‘go live’ over the coming weeks.

Jacqui Rock, Poole BID Lead said “This is an exciting project, especially when you consider that it is one of the main initiatives requested by our Levy Payers who voted us in for a second successful term. Business crime is not going away and so to be able to be a conduit in making strides to combat this is particularly important to us especially when you consider the current volatile economy and the impact that this has on our businesses bottom line.”

“The two-way radios give our users the immediate response that we have been missing and I am also excited to see phase two of our safety initiative which will complete the cycle by reporting crime through the application so that we can begin building a picture of intelligence that we previously have not been able to do. It is great to see the businesses already embracing the radio system and collaboratively working together to achieve the same goal for crime prevention.”

Poole BID are facilitating this through JPS Communications, encouraging access to the radio infrastructure for all businesses within their district at a nominal annual fee. This will function as a mechanism for immediate response when crime occurs.

Vinnie Edmonds from JPS Communications added “As a long-standing radio communications supplier, we have been aware of this type of technology for some time now. Push-to-Talk Over Cellular now forms a large part of our overall business as it has in recent times become more affordable for end users. From the point of launching the new devices in Poole Town Centre, it was immediately apparent to see the benefits for businesses, with the direct link established with the BCP CCTV Hub, located over six miles away.”

“On a personal note, growing up in the district of Poole, it was an absolute pleasure to be entrusted by Poole BID to deliver a new radio scheme on their behalf.”

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