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The Poole BID community and Dorset Police working together

The Poole BID community and Dorset Police working together

Tackling anti-social behaviour – what you need to know and do.

Poole BID HQ have been working hard behind the scenes to push for an improvement in the response to the summer season’s increase in incidents of anti-social behaviour (ASB) throughout the BID area. Following several multi-agency meetings at the Council, including Dorset Police, we now have clear guidance with how to report ASB (see below for details).

Poole BID HQ recently initiated a small-scale test to log and report all incidents of ASB. The purpose was to gather a better understanding of the type and frequency of incidents that are occurring within the BID area and the impact on businesses and our community. The aim was that Poole BID HQ would then take this collected evidence to the Council and Police to lobby for more responsive policing and long-term solutions to the problems.

It has now been decided that the logging of incidents should be rolled out BID-wide to help capture a more accurate picture of ASB within the community. This information will then be used to plan the future local policing strategy and increase pressure on all agencies to find long-term solutions to tackle root causes.  

We have now agreed with Dorset Police a process to follow for reporting ASB;

Please e-mail



Please include the following information;

  • First and last names and name of business
  • Date of birth (to eliminate ‘malicious reports’)
  • Date, time and location of incident     
  • Description of incident – i.e. what was happening, who it was happening to and the impact of the actions

Please continue to call 999 in incidents of immediate threat of harm.

By doing nothing we change nothing, it is therefore important the BID community work together and support each other on this initiative. A collective voice is a stronger voice.

The BID Ambassadors will be visiting businesses over the coming days and weeks to spread the message and answer any questions. Otherwise please don’t hesitate to call or email Poole BID HQ with your comments or questions.


phone: 01202 308 800

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