The Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)

Justin Hundley-Appleton, Poole BID manager, said: “The businesses of Poole and Poole BID are enthusiastic about making Poole an attractive and vibrant place for our residents, for visitors of all ages who we want in increasing numbers, and for them to return. This includes all business people looking to locate here and grow their company with the knowledge their employees feel safe and secure where they work”.

The Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to be put into effect on 16th April 2018 includes drinking alcohol, verbal abuse, the possession of intoxicating substances and inappropriate behaviour, within the town centre which the BID fully supports.

The PSPO also includes people sleeping in car parks and doorways within Poole. Poole BID recognise that homelessness is increasing across the country and it is not our intention to take away a place for people who sleep rough to stay, but instead encourage them to seek help from charities that can provide warm accommodation and meals, as well as advice. The BID supports the amendment which means that people sleeping rough who cause no obstruction or threat to others won’t be penalised by the PSPO.

Poole BID support many local homelessness charities that have the resources and facilities to help those who take shelter within our town centre. Homelessness is a nationwide issue, most of all because those who do sleep rough are in danger. They are 15 times more likely to be assaulted and, as it has been a particularly cold winter, the plummeting temperatures put those who sleep outside at risk of hypothermia.

“We want Poole to continue to be a safe place for all, including those who require our help, and backing from local businesses ensures that this happens for many years to come. “



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