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Place Promotion ( 38%)

£500,000 over 5 years (2021 - 2026)

Events attract visitors to the town and add to the sense of community. Poole BID wants to Create Pride in the Town centre. We will continue to work closely with BCP Council and other key stakeholders, including the University, to position Poole as a leading destination for leisure, culture and business.

Our programme will continue and include larger events during the key trading times of Christmas, Easter and the summer tourist season, as well as seeking opportunities to drive footfall at quieter times.

We are integral in bringing new events and initiatives to Poole Town Centre and Quay:

The Poole BID funded events…

We invest in and support events and campaigns in partnership with others to deliver targeted footfall growth:

  • Street Music Poole

Poole BID funds weekly live music performed by locally talented musicians during the summer holidays and ad-hoc holidays throughout the year.  This is free to watch and marketed as a fantastic opportunity for visitors to shop, enjoy cafés and restaurants whilst in town.








  • Window Display Competitions

For Easter, Halloween and Christmas working with businesses along the high street and Quay we encourage participation on themed window display competitions with a commercial prize element, social media promotion and media coverage for the winning business.

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