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Partnership Working & Support (2%)

The business community is central to the process of regeneration and we will continue to represent your interests to ensure the voice of Poole is heard.

Projects include:

  • DISC reporting (part of the Business Crime Reduction Scheme) is ready to be rolled out to support our other crime prevention measures and will form a coordinated approach for retailers, CSAS officers, Police and CCTV to report crime as it happens… to make Poole a safer place to live, work and shop.
  • Radio training to support the role out of the new Android radios and DISC will commence September 2022.
  • Meetings with BCP Council – specific subject issues such as car parking, regeneration, crime (radio and Disc), waste management etc.
  • Review training opportunities for your business.
  • Surgery’s to be conducted by Poole BID Management team and regular “Meet the Board” events.

£26,500 over 5 years (2021-2026)

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