Project: 3

Safe and Secure

Project: 3 | Safe and Secure

Making Poole a safer place

£125,000 over 5 years
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    There is a perception that Poole does not feel as safe and well policed as it should be, and that there is too much drink-related antisocial behaviour in the town and Quay areas of the town.
    Poole BID Will:

    Employ a BID liveried, full time, BID Ambassador specifically trained to deal with customers’ enquiries, licensing and enforcement issues in the BID area and be based on the street with a visible and ap- proachable presence.

    This employee will be tasked with BID specific roles and will be responsible for:

    Providing customers & visitors with information and a welcome to the area.

    Ensuring that any unregulated activity such as pedlars, buskers, rough sleepers, chuggers, antisocial behaviour, illegal trading, infringement of the licensing laws etc. is dealt with by the appropriate enforcement authority.

    Review CCTV camera coverage in the BID area.
    Work with contractors, highways and utilities companies to ensure that the impact of any temporary work on residents, local businesses and the public is minimised and that any permanent works are in keeping with or enhance the existing environment.

    Continue to work with the Police to make sure that Poole is treated as a priority.

BIDs provide a great opportunity for businesses to save money and to have considerable influence over how their town is run and managed. In Poole there will be a collective of just over 500 businesses, large and small in the BID area.

Poole Pottery is proud to support the Poole BID. We believe it will play a critical role in making Poole a more dynamic and vibrant place to be in business. The Poole BID gives companies in the town a united voice to contribute towards the prosperity of Poole, whatever the size, or sector; this gives us all a vested interest in the way we can improve Poole’s prosperity. Poole is such a fantastic place with so much to offer, and if we have the chance to enhance what we have by raising the profile to visitors, investors and businesses by strengthening our offering, we should completely embrace that opportunity. Poole Pottery is proud to be supporting this scheme.

Alyson Smyth General Manager, Poole Pottery

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