Project: 2

The Poole Experience

Project: 2 | The Poole Experience

Improving the look and feel of the town

For Poole to entice investment in its shops and get them filled, it has to improve the trading environment to encourage more shoppers to use the town. That means tidying it up and making it feel safe and secure. On its own Poole BID cannot fix the quality of street infrastructure and street furniture, but in partnership with other organisations it can do a great deal by using its voice and influence and a little bit of money.

£560,000 over 5 years
  • You Said:
    Poole is a lovely town it has so much to offer, but it is a bit shabby, the pavements are in bad shape and sometimes it doesn’t feel very safe. The range of shops is very poor. Until we get some of the empty units filled and the streets in better condition we are not going to encourage more people to come to Poole.
    Poole BID Will:

    In year 1 the BID will work with the Borough of Poole, land owners and other voluntary, private and public sector partners to commission a comprehensive survey of the BID area to assess the quality of the street scene including: the paving, the layout of street furniture, signage and accessibility of
    the BID area to draw up an imaginative and deliverable plan to revitalize and regenerate the BID area.

    Work with landlords and Borough of Poole to improve the physical state of town centre properties.

    Work with landlords to install vinyl window displays to vacant units to improve the overall look of the BID area.

    Work with landlords to fill empty units by encouraging quality ‘pop-up’ uses, which will also provide start-up opportunities for small businesses.

    Over the lifetime of the BID to work with partners to improve the quality of the facilities in the BID area including those identified in the street survey above to include seating areas, bins, signage and navigation.

    As an ongoing objective the Poole BID will endeavour to seek a long- term solution to the town’s worn out pedestrian infrastructure, including the shabby planters around the town.

    Co-operate with partners to deliver the Poole Neighbourhood Plan for the town where it overlaps with the BID area, for more information on the Plan see:

    Encourage the Borough of Poole to improve the state of the pavements, ensuring that repairs and reinstatements are carried out to an agreed standard and in compliance with the BID Baseline Agreements (click here for the full documents)

    Increase and enhance the street dressing (bunting, flags etc.), floral and landscape displays in the town.

    Ensure that the Borough of Poole and its agents inform and consult with the Poole BID before any highways or other capital works are carried out in the BID area, so that businesses can be informed of any disruption to their trading in good time with a view to coordinate works between utility companies and minimise their impact.

    Work with the Borough of Poole and partners to provide safe and attractive public seating areas where people can socialise and relax.

    Compile a property register in partnership with Commercial property agents to market vacant units to potential tenants

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