Project: 4

Your bottom line & voice

Project: 4 | Your bottom line & voice

Every business in the BID area gets a vote, so everyone's opinion matters equally

The way the BID vote works means, that regardless of the size of the business each premises in the BID area gets one vote, so everyone’s opinion matters equally, but together that opinion can be very influential in demanding change and collective negotiation for services and support. In some BIDs these opportunities save businesses more than their annual BID levy costs.

£37,500 over 5 years
  • You Said:
    We are already paying too much for services, and we don’t have any say in how they are run, the BID is just another cost against our bottom line.
    Poole BID Will:

    Work with utilities brokers to negotiate better rates for insurance, energy and telecoms etc. and use our collective buying power to purchase insurances and other services.

    Collate a preferential supplier and contractor list for suppliers of stationery, food wholesalers, maintenance repairs, decoration, cleaning etc.

    Look to find ways to reduce the cost of commercial waste collection.

    Seek to provide business support and workforce development opportunities for all BID members. E.g. Digital marketing and social media training and the Poole online Ambassador training programme provided by the National Tourism Academy, customer service skills and visual merchandising.

    Have your say:

    Poole BID will elect its Board of Directors from those businesses that pay the levy, nominated and elected by you.

    Area meetings for BID businesses will be held regularly to make sure you have a chance to influence and comment on the delivery of the BID.

    Poole BID will ensure that BID voters are kept informed via the website, regular newsletters and social media.

    Members of the Borough of Poole will be represented on the BID Board giving BID voters a direct opportunity to speak to them about issues that matter to include such issues as parking fees, highways works, planning and licensing.

    Every year the BID Company will be obliged to publish an audited account of their activity, this will be available to all BID voters for scrutiny and comment.

    There will be an Annual BID conference to review and refresh the BID plan.

Have your say

We value your feedback, if you’ve got anything you’d like to say about the BID then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Perhaps you’ve got an idea about an event? An offer you’d like to promote? Feedback on anything we’ve been doing? Your thought counts so we’d love to chat.

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