Are you worried about your security measures?

Are you worried about your security measures?

Are you worried about your security measures? Are they designed to combat threats against computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data from malicious attacks, whether those threats originate from either inside or outside your business.

SWCRC is a police led team which provides free services for free, sign up at for more extensive support and guidance

  1. Conversational scams are on the rise, with an estimated twelve-fold increase last year. This is where you’re approached and befriended on social media before being asked to invest money, usually via cryptocurrencies. Look out for these scams – artificial intelligence is making it much easier to write convincing messages, which come from someone you’ve begun to trust.
  1. Company social media accounts are being used to spread malicious software – once compromised, they’re edited to include a link to new software which is recommended to clients. Often, this might be an artificial intelligence package which you’re recommended to download. Secure your own social accounts with two factor authentication, and beware of software downloads via third party sources.
  1. We’re aware of an automated tool which is now scanning WordPress websites for outdated modules. Many sites have lots of different components and if they’re not all kept updated, they can often be vulnerable, with a million sites compromised in the last five years. Ask your developer how these updates are applied and managed, and if you want a website check, let us know: we can discuss getting our team on the case for you for a small cost.

You can register for free core membership at, and navigate the rest of the site for more information and advice. Our police-led team is here to help you make your business safe.

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